An idea to be developed – Creating and refining social business and social innovation ideas through conceptual work and creative sessions

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More than an idea – Implementing social business and social innovation solutions together with companies and universities

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services_icon2a1/ Ideation

Tackling persistent and yet unsolved social problems makes it inevitable to think about new and innovative solutions. We help companies and other organizations to develop solutions through conceptual work and creative workshop sessions.

Social Innovation Concepts

Together with our partners we identify first social business ideas and develop concepts that are ready to be implemented to address specific social problems.

Workshops on specific topics

Workshops cover specific themes and focus on topics such as Ideation, Social Business Strategy, Financing Social Business, Social Impact Measurement, Human Centered Design and more.

services_icon3a2/ Implementation

While great ideas are an important starting point, only the successful implementation of a social business idea will finally and ideally generate social impact. In order to facilitate the implementation of social business ideas, there is a broad range of consulting services for universities, companies, entrepreneurs and foundations.

Business Planning and Financial Planning for Companies 

Consulting services for companies include business planning and financial planning for upcoming and existing social business and social innovation activities including multi-year plans.

Strategy and Project Management for Companies and Universities

Other specific consulting services for companies include market research for new product launches. Companies and universities can benefit from support with the development of an overall social business strategy.